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Introducing the blog

We hope that our blog will evolve with us. The plan is to contain a variety of content, including:

– updates on new features and improvements to our website and other projects – projects that we are involved in or just endorse – useful information on data privacy, data protection and cybersecurity in general – interesting technical articles – interviews with our clients, partners or friends – some news that we think are interesting and important for our clients and friends

But of course we are listening to our readers and hopefully this platform will get more and more interesting, including by adding new types of content. All depends on your feedback.

Speaking about content, we will launch a newsletter and a podcast soon, please send us your ideas using our contact page ( We are working hard to launch our website soon, too. Stay tuned!

Probably we should say also a few words on why we choose this blogging platform ( Firstly, we don't want to follow our readers everywhere on the internet, actually it's exactly outside of the porpoise of our business; and does that quite well; it's a privacy focused platform. In fact, we will help you to get as anonymous as you want because we believe anonymity on the internet is fundamental right that recognizes your rights to data protection, freedom of expression, of impression, etc; at least here in Europe (The European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights recognizes in Article. 8. Title II: “Freedoms”).

We really hope you will enjoy reading it at least as much as we go writing it.


Alin Mechenici – Founder & CEO Cybersecurity